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3 min readNov 7, 2021

Callaba Streaming Engine contains a set of streaming functionality that you can use to develop your own application. You can do that by interacting with the engine via the REST API.

Callaba Streaming API provides the following functionality
• Organizing video streaming via SRT, RTMP, MPEG-DASH, HLS in your application
• Recording broadcasts
• Embedding video into your infrastructure

At its core, Callaba Streaming API is a RESTful API based on HTTP requests and JSON responses.

Supported technologies:

  • SRT Gateway API,
  • Restream API,
  • RTMP Streaming API,
  • Player API,
  • Stream Recordings API.

Here is a simple example of a request to create an SRT Gateway using the REST API.

In this request the following data is indicated:

“server_name”: “Awesome SRT server”, // The name of the future gateway
“server_type”: “SERVER_TYPE_SRT”, // Use SERVER_TYPE_SRT if you want to create an SRT Gateway“server_port”: 1935, // UDP Port that this server will occupy“server_latency”: 200, // SRT network delay“server_maxbw”: -1, // SRT maximum bandwidth“server_timeout”: 60, // Connection timeout“server_rcvbuf”: 48234496, // Server listener buffer“server_active”: true // Enabled yes/no

This code is just an example of a request and may differ slightly from the actual request in Swagger.
You can find a detailed tutorial on working with SRT in the API here: link

Callaba Streaming Engine would be useful

For IT business

  • If you are creating your own streaming service and you need a ready-made reliable and comprehensive solution for video broadcasting
  • If you need to scale indefinitely as the user base of your product grows, and at the same time have all the necessary tools at hand
  • If you are interested in using best practice standards and infrastructure, such as Docker, Kubernetes & AWS Cloud Infrastructure

For television and broadcasting organizations

  • If you need to organize your media streaming pipeline
  • If you are looking to automate broadcast management
  • If you want a complete all-in-one streaming solution

Benefits of using Callaba Streaming Engine

  • You don’t have to develop expensive low-level code. Everything is already developed and ready to use.
    Instead, you can hire a frontend developer or Android and IOS developers and they would be able to implement the necessary interfaces for your product.
  • You don’t have to piece together streaming features from different products. Since this product was developed for streaming from the very beginning, all the necessary functions are already in its API.

Benefits of using Callaba Streaming Engine with Amazon Web Services

AWS as an infrastructure provides a wide range of technological advantages:

  • Unlimited scalability around the world. AWS is available in 80 countries and 25 regions
  • AWS allows to only use the resources your business really needs and pay only for your actual usage
  • Ensure reliable data transfer with a powerful AWS network channel
  • Fully automate all processes of your business
  • No data transfer charges with Callaba Cloud on AWS infrastructure

In this short presentation we tried to briefly explain the essence of the AWS-based Callaba Streaming engine.

Now we’ll move on to the API and cover all of its methods in detail.

API documentation by sections:
Create, edit, start, delete SRT Server or Gateway



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